Residential Heating Oil UST Removal, Martin County

Soil contaminated with heating oil #2 was discovered at a home in August of 2012 during removal of a 280-gallon non-commercial (residential) UST.  GMA removed approximately 52 tons of contaminated soil during the tank closure. Detectable petroleum-related contaminants were not detected in excavation sidewall soil samples collected above the water table. Groundwater was encountered during the UST removal so a groundwater monitoring well was installed and sampled to determine if the fuel release had contaminated the groundwater. Targeted contaminants were detected at concentrations above the 15A NCAC 2L Groundwater Standards, and NCDENR required the completion of a Limited Site Assessment Report (LSA). No at-risk sensitive receptors were identified during GMA’s investigation, so NCDENR ranked the incident as “Low Risk” and required completion of a Notice of Residual Petroleum (NORP) as part of obtaining a No Further Action (NFA) designation and incident closeout.  GMA completed the NORP requirements, filed the required public notices, abandoned the groundwater monitoring well, and supplied all required paperwork to NCDENR and our client.  NCDENR issued a Notice of No Further Action in April of 2013, and the final reimbursement claim was submitted to NCDENR in June of 2013.