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Groundwater Management Associates, Inc. (GMA) is a well respected and experienced consulting firm that provides a wide range of geologic, engineering, and environmental services focused on the exploration, development, management, protection, and restoration of groundwater resources.

GRWUL- Groundwater Exploration Right
Over the last 30 years, our clients have included Federal, State, and local governments and agencies, local and regional water providers, major industry, mining, private businesses, and individual homeowners. GMA’s professional staff are experts in the geology and hydrostratigraphy of the southeastern USA, and we are widely considered to be The Groundwater Experts for solving all of your challenges in water resource evaluation and development, smart resource management, and restoration and protection of the natural environment. Our focus and expertise distinguishes us from other consulting firms, and it gives us the ability to identify, evaluate, and implement innovative solutions to the unique problems that are often encountered in the subsurface.

GMA’s core service areas include:NC Drought

Well and Wellfield Permitting and Design
Drilling Supervision and Well Installation
Well and Aquifer Testing Plans, Implementation, and Analysis
Wellfield Management Strategies and Pumping Simulations
Hydrostratigraphic Framework Studies and Resource Evaluation
CHAS fossils (2)Wastewater Permitting and Management Plans and Designs
Environmental Assessments and Contaminant Remediation
Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Assessment and Remediation
Mine Water Management and Ore Evaluation Services
Litigation Support and Expert Witness ServicesSIPSD's Palmetto Bay pressure tower
Groundwater Flow Computer Modeling and Simulations
Surface Water Mixing Studies and Computer Simulations

GMA’s Recent Clients IncludePCS Phosphate Dragline

        • ASR Systems, FLASRS logo
        • Carollo Engineers, ID
        • Martin Marietta Materials, SEUSA
        • GUC logo 2 Onslow Water and Sewer Authority, NC
        • Greenville Utilities Commission, NC
        • PCS Phosphate, NCPCS logo

Examples of Recent ProjectsSIPSD logo